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CCPG Mentor Program


CCPG's Mentor Program is available to all CCPG Scholars and to any other CCPG members who wish to expand their knowledge of planned giving. We encourage our longtime CCPG members to apply to be mentors and share their wealth of experience with up-and-coming planned giving professionals. 

All CCPG members who are interested in being either a mentor or a mentee should review the FAQ's below and complete the online application. You must be a member of CCPG to participate in the program. In the event of a shortage of mentors CCPG Scholars will receive priority. 

CCPG Mentor Program Application 

CCPG Mentor Program FAQ

What is the Mentoring Program?

The CCPG Mentoring Program is a member benefit structured as a mentor/protégé partnership. The program seeks to further the mission of our Council in serving as a professional resource to participants by providing guidance and support from experienced mentors in the field of charitable gift planning. The partnership is designed to promote professional development and build a sense of community among participants.

Who Coordinates the Mentoring Program?

The Mentoring Program is coordinated by the Outreach Committee of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Council for Planned Giving. This committee also manages the annual scholarship program. Once the scholarships are awarded, the committee will match mentors with the scholarship recipients and other applicants.

How are Mentors Selected? 

The Outreach Committee invites mid and senior level experienced professionals (minimum five year experience) from within the membership of CCPG to become mentors. Additionally, those members of CCPG wishing to be added to the pool of potential mentors are encouraged to contact the Outreach Committee Mentoring Co-Chair. Every effort will be made to match appropriate skill sets, experience and background of the mentors to the individual needs of applicants. Special attention is given to the compatibility of goals, professional venue, and expressed interests. The committee aims to make the most successful pairings possible. Mentors will not be paired with participants from the same organization or business.

What are Basic Understandings between Mentor and Scholarship Recipient? 

The Mentoring Program is intended to be a mutually enjoyable professional experience; it should be fun. CCPG does not accept responsibility for any advice or counsel that the mentor might give the mentee. The Program has no direct bearing on the mentee’s job security, promotions, or raises; mentors have no involvement with supervisors. The mentor – mentee relationship is confidential. Mentors should be a resource for asking questions and proposing alternative perspectives on issues. Mentors can make appropriate referrals, but they are not employee advocates or intercessors.

What are the Specific Responsibilities of the Mentor?

Mentors should assist mentees in feeling welcome at CCPG bi-monthly meetings and events, building a professional network, and providing links to resources. Mentors provide charitable gift planning information as an educational service only; their guidance should not be misconstrued for legal counsel or tax advice. Mentors will make the initial contact with their matched mentee and will be available for at least two face to face meetings as well as a monthly phone call over the course of the program. Mentors are encouraged to connect with their mentees at the bi-monthly meetings, acting as host. Mentors should invite mentees to continue membership with CCPG the following year.

CCPG recognizes that circumstances and priorities can change. Should the mentor find that s/he can no longer perform their responsibilities, s/he should contact the Outreach Committee Mentoring Co-Chair, James Allan as soon as possible.

What Support can the Mentors and Scholarship Recipients Expect?

An Outreach Committee member will contact mentors and mentees at least two times during the duration of the program. Outreach Committee members are available for consultation should issues arise. Mentors and mentees will be asked to complete an evaluation for the Outreach Committee in order to assist planning for the next year.

What is the Length of the Mentoring Program?

The annual mentoring program is a commitment for the length of the CCPG program year (usually from September through the completion of the Annual Symposium.)

What are the Specific Responsibilities of the Mentee?

After the initial contact is made by the mentor, the mentee should take the responsibility for maintaining the relationship by seeking out reasonable assistance from the mentor and arranging for contact points. Mentees should be respectful of mentors’ time.


  • Identify projects or ways with which your mentor might assist you over the course of the program.

  • Attend all CCPG bi-monthly meetings and the symposium and, if possible, arrange in advance to meet up with your mentor.

  • Arrange your two face to face meetings (can be at the bi-monthly meetings) with your mentor and set up a monthly phone check in. Be prepared with an agenda for these sessions including identifying needs, specific questions, etc.

  • Set up an understanding for methods, if appropriate, to contact your mentor should you need to discuss an issue with him/her in between the phone calls/face to face meetings.

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